paper art

Paper Art

On my down time I like to create paper art. Using an exacto knife and fun clippings from magazines, I surprise myself with what I create. It’s my way of mediatating and creating tangible pieces after a hard day of work where I juggle abstract concepts and ideas.

Media: Heavy-weight coloured card stock, magazine clippings, X-Acto #2 blades, and a tv show running in the background :-)

“I can see you in those.”

“Peek-a-boo she sees you.”

“Sunglasses make me feel cool.”

“All wild and tangled.”

“Her favourite dress.”

“Coming out with wet hair is soon gonna be like...”

“Carved a pumpkin dress.”

“Never too cold for ice cream.”

“Cinderella wearing a white sweater.”

“She came in for a haircut so I gave her one.”

“Because you like all things black and have a strange edgy personality...”

Feel free to check out more on my instagram @juliaspaper