Rugged Lot

Photo credit: © Rugged Lot

I had the pleasure of designing a logo for Rugged Lot, a hand-craft leather company in Toronto. This logo expresses leather folding and stitching in the process of making their beautiful leather products.

The Intermission

In my graduating year, I was the co-leader for the branding of the graduation show. Along with the design of the brand, I contributed to the design of the logo. The 16 dotted grid represents our graduating year of ‘16 and reflects the peg board displays that were used to showcase student work.

See how it is being used on our graduation show website: the intermission

Resource Garden

This is the logo for the Resource Garden, which was my bachelor’s thesis project. Working off from the letters of the font, Futura Bold, I transformed certain areas to express the organic quality of the garden. I also used geometric forms to convey the technological side to the Resource Garden because it is an interactive search engine installation.

Flora Avenue

In this logo design for a flower shop, I tried to express a modern bouquet using the letters of the shop name and geometric shapes. The font, Vollkorn (which is also the font used on this site!) was altered to look like hydrangea flower buds.