Case Study 5:
Travel Application

I’m In Town

How can we connect travelers to the locals of a city to help them create personal itineraries?

I’m in Town is for adventurous travelers looking for a real experience in their adventures. As explorers ourselves, we want to be immersive in our travels, and not just pass-on-by. Giving people a personalized and personal experience can help them find the hidden gems of a given location.

In this application, journeys are created by individuals—individuals with their own obsessions, passions, and quirks. Through the filter search system, you can find journeys in all sorts of ways.

This project was done in collaboration with a couple lovely friends, Tiffany Tsai and Joanne Vongphachan.

Launch the I’m In Town Website

Research & Design Process

My team and I researched to find out what kind of target audience would benefit from a mobile application that can be used to find itineraries.

You can find the details about the research and user journey processes in the Press Kit:

Open the I’m In Town Press Kit


Our app targets young adults to middle-aged travellers that do not have connections with locals in the city they are travelling in. They should be avid users of smartphones and have good spatial knowledge to navigate using a GPS map.

The users of this app can be travellers coming from very long or short distances. They may be from neighboring cities, or a whole different continent. This app is generally for a small group of people or solo travellers. Users can customize their travel itinerary journeys to fit their personal interests.


By using a smartphone, users can interact via the Internet to contact and communicate with locals providing tips about their city. The iPhone iOS platform allows users to use its preprogrammed functions such as the GPS, compass, maps, alert system, and camera to enhance the travel experience.


Moodboard for UI elements

App flow chart

Wireframe and user journey sketches

Style tile for UI Elements

Style tile for icons

Prototype and Application

The final execution of the application was done through a landing site that advertised the app.

Launch the I’m In Town Website