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Hello. I’m Julia Seo and I like finding ways to deliver information as fun and memorable experiences.

I spent 4 amazing years of design school in Toronto’s York/Sheridan Design Program and a one-year exchange trip at Germany’s Bauhaus University.

I enjoy using my multidisciplinary skills in digital and print design to work on experiential projects that deal with dense information.

↓ Feel free to check out my work below. Enjoy!

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service design systems.

How can the search experience within a school library promote curiosity and encourage multidisciplinary exploration?

For my bachelor’s thesis project, I designed a service system that combines the physical and digital experience within a university library to help students explore multiple disciplines.

view case study: Resource Garden >

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generative design.

How can the contents of a university course handbook resonate with current and future students? This was a fun project I was asked to do from the York/Sheridan Design Program for their 2016-2017 course handbook.

view case study: Course Handbook >

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narrating with data.

How can a simple data set, such as someone’s phone call records, be visually generated to narrate a story? That’s the challenge I explored in this project where I used Processing to express a cellphone user’s data set as a narrative poster.

view case study: Rice Memories >

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music through typography.

How can you use typography to hear music in a magazine? I designed a classical music magazine that challenges the ability for typography and images to boldly express rhythm and melody. This magazine introduces Toronto’s classical music culture to young adults.

view case study: Waltz Magazine >

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sharing tips with travellers.

Me and my friends, Joanne and Tiffany, really like to travel. We worked together as an awesome team to design an app which allows people to design journeys in their own city to share with travellers. That way, travellers can choose itineraries created by local experts based on their interests and personalities.

view case study: I’m In Town >

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meeting new & old friends.

I am currently in Toronto working as an associate designer at Coactuate where I practice design through information design, visual communication, and design thinking. My mission is to apply design across various disciplines such as strategy development for businesses and healthcare organizations.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to send a message. Thanks!